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About Bartlett 100

Explore a century of radical thinking, research and collaboration at The Bartlett.

Our centenary presents an exciting opportunity to acknowledge the past and map a path for the future.

Alan Penn, Dean of The Bartlett

The Bartlett turns 100 in 2019. We’re running a year-long celebration. It started with 100 stories over 100 days here on

100 stories

From 4 February to 14 May, we published 100 different perspectives on The Bartlett, from short takes to profiles, interviews, essays and pieces from the archives. Explore all 100 stories – and find out about the people and projects that have shaped us, the moments that have made us, and the work we’re doing now to redefine the built environment for the next 100 years.

100 events

From lecture series to pavilions, from workshops to conferences, and from London to Sierra Leone, we’re running activities throughout 2019 to engage the public in the work we’re doing at The Bartlett and the big questions facing the built environment.

Keep an eye on our events calendar for the latest information.

100 years

While our roots as an institution date back much more than a century – the School of Architecture was founded in 1841 and the School of Planning in 1914 – we only became known as The ‘Bartlett’ in 1919 when anonymous donor Sir Herbert Henry Bartlett, a civil engineer and building contractor, consented to his name being used. Today, we are a faculty that combines architecture and planning with energy, construction, data modelling and analysis, heritage, public policy, and more.

The next 100 years

Our 100 days x 100 stories will culminate in an exhibition hosted at The Bartlett’s headquarters at 22 Gordon Street in Bloomsbury, London. The exhibition will curate radical responses to some of the big challenges facing the built environment – and we want to hear from you.

We’ll be putting out an open call on social media asking people to tell us what they think is the most important question facing the built environment over the next 100 years.

Got an idea? Tweet us at @BartlettUCL with #Bartlett100 or email us at

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Bartlett 100 in the news

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About the Bartlett

The Bartlett is UCL's Faculty of the Built Environment. We're home to 12 schools, institutes and centres, 77 different programmes, and 3,000 students from more than 40 nations.

Our work is all about human spaces. Yes, that means physical structures like homes, buildings and cities. But also the invisible structures that govern these things: political and legal systems; financial frameworks and social norms; even our understanding of the past, present and future.

Combining design, history, theory, digital representations and models across all of these areas, we understand the structures shaping society today – and we work to make them fairer and more prosperous.

That’s why we can design buildings for places battered by extreme weather. It’s why we can develop emergency shelters for populations shattered by war. We can show that global shipping has a higher carbon footprint than the whole of Brazil, and develop remote technologies that allow a surgeon in the UK to operate on a patient in the US. We can show why government agencies can be just as entrepreneurial as Silicon Valley, and we can shape the policies that make this happen.

None of this is possible without shared wisdom. With architecture and planning alongside disciplines such as energy, sustainability, public purpose and prosperity, our 12 Schools, Institutes and Centres are able to share perspectives in a way unlike any other faculty at any other university.

And being in London, with all its history and resources, we’re proud to partner with leading institutions from industry, government and beyond. Through generous conversations, enduring collaboration, and true diversity across our students and staff, we’ll overturn failing systems and build new ones that allow people to live better lives.

Although our work is about the shape and structure of human environments, our ambition is boundless – and the possibilities are endless.

We’re The Bartlett. We’re here to build a better future.

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The past 100 years would not have been possible without the collaboration and support of a huge cast of people.

The Bartlett has always been a collection of people passionate about the built environment. That is as true today as it was in 1841 when architectural education was first established at UCL, when planning studies was established in 1914, and in 1919 when we acquired our name ‘The Bartlett’.

Since then we have taken The Bartlett into new territories, incorporating new disciplines and technologies, and establishing it as the largest multidisciplinary faculty of the built environment in the UK.

This success is a result of the hard work and dedication of a huge cast of people: past and present staff and students, partners and contributors, and the unwavering support of colleagues from across UCL.

Thank you.

Here’s to the next 100 years.

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